Muzz by Angelo DeCesare

Flip's Fantastic Journal


All Flip journals are sold exclusively through the publisher, Puppetry In Practice. Each book is $6.00 plus shipping.

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Flip's Fantastic Journal:

***NOW available on Apple iBooks as an iPad book!*** The original book, owned and loved by thousands of kids and adults, and just brought back into print! Highly popular in schools and libraries, FFJ is considered by many educators to be the best book for early journal writers. Flip doesn't like to write, but he uses his imagination to turn his "nothing day into a SOMETHING day!" Called "a great introduction to journal writing" by School Library Journal, this latest edition has been updated and reprinted by PIP. Also available on a disc.

Flip's Fantastic Journal by Angelo DeCesare

Flip's Amazing Online Journal:

Created to inspire reading, writing and drawing through its theme of friendship. Flip's buddy Muzz doesn't like to read, and he uses the library like a playground. To spark Muzz's interest in books, Flip creates a colorful and fun book called "All About Muzz." Now Muzz can't stop reading! Also available on disc.

Flip's Amazing Online Journal by Angelo DeCesare

Flip's Cool Video Journal:

An anger management/anti-bullying book, designed to help kids (and adults) to make the right choices. Flip uses a camcorder to record his day. He accidentally records incidents of anger. He uses the camera's rewind button to discover the cause of all the anger and to make things better! Available with...

Do the Write Thing!: A 44-page writer's workbook, which serves as a companion to Flip's Cool Video Journal, gets students to think and write about anger/bullying issues in a fun and productive way.

Flip's Cool Video Journal by Angelo DeCesare

Flip's Mighty Memoir Journal:

A wonderful introduction to memoir writing and personal narrative. Flip has to write a memoir, but he can't seem to remember anything. When he finds an old dinosaur toy in his closet, it helps Flip to remember all the fun they had together, both real and imagined. Limited availability

Flip's Mighty Memoir Journal by Angelo DeCesare

Flip's Neighborhood Journal:

At home with a cold, Flip still has to do his homework and write about where he lives. He takes readers on a tour of his neighborhood, where we meet his family, friends and the community helpers who work there. Includes five great maps! Limited availability

Flip's Neighborhood Journal by Angelo DeCesare

Flip's Super Journal:

Flip and Muzz have to watch Muzz's baby brother, Diggy. They do a bad job, which Flip later regrets. He responds by creating a comic book about two superheroes that do a great job of taking care of a giant baby. Readers will see a great example of writing and illustrating a story in sequence, while exploring the issues of sibling rivalry and nonviolent conflict-resolution. Limited availability

Flip's Super Journal by Angelo DeCesare

Flip's Math Party Journal:

***SORRY! SOLD OUT FOR NOW!*** Designed for younger readers as an introduction to everyday math. Flip doesn't like math. Then he goes to the world's most boring party, falls asleep, and has an amazing dream filled with math. He discovers that math can be found everywhere, even when he's having FUN! Limited availability

Flip's Math Party Journal by Angelo DeCesare